I have many interests and hobbies. They include:


Chess is one of my favorite board games. It involves memory, logic and skill. Recently I have begun playing online correspondance chess at a site called gameknot.com. My goal is to reach an ELO rating of 1500. If you would like to challenge me to a match, feel free to visit the links section of this Web page for gameknot.com's url. My user name is martin_hurtubise.


I am an avid cyclist eagerly awaiting spring. I have had the pleasure of cycling abroad. I visited Whales and the Loire Valley (in France) and greatly enjoyed my experience. Cycling is an enjoyable way to travel. It allows you to truly understand a country's geography and meet interesting people.

Floor Hockey

I help organize a floor hockey league at a local community centre called Le Patro d'Ottawa. We have both male and female participants. The emphasis is on fun.


I really enjoy reading. I read all kinds of books; anything that is lying around actually. Here are a few of my most recent reads. I will try to keep this list up to date.

New Spring:The Wheel of Time New Spring is a prequel to Robert Jordan's bestselling series: The Wheel of Time. Although I enjoyed reading this book, I wish Mr. Jordan could work on the main series instead. I cannot wait to read how it ends.

La châtelaine de Mallaig La châtelaine de Mallaig is a book I recently read. It is the story of an arranged marriage set in the Scottish Lowlands. It was a interesting book, with well developped characters and interesting plot twists.

Reviving Ophelia Reviving Ophelia is written by Mary Pipher. She is a clinical psychologist who questions our society's attitudes towards teenage women. She does this using testimonials from her patients. It was an eye-opening book.

Online gaming

My favorite online game is called Utopia. It is a free, text-based fantasy game. The object of the game is to build the most successful province in the world. You can choose one of eight different races which greatly influence your style of play. What makes this game so enjoyable is that you have other provinces playing with you. Together, 25 provinces form a kingdom. Each kingdom elects a monarch and can declare war on other kingdoms. A link to this site is provided in the links section of my web site.